Sound Design With A Phone Screen and Free Plugins


This is the sound of dragging my thumb over the top of my iPhone 6 screen. The friction from my skin and the applied screen protector creates some pretty great squeaks and creaks.

Recorded at 96kHZ, 24-bit with a Sony PCM M10, mic sensitivity set to “HIGH” and gain at 4.

And here’s some creature morph sound design that I was able to create using the same source with a couple of FREE plugins:

Aside from some automation, EQ, and reverb, the only plugins I used in the above video were:

• Soundhack’s Pitch Delay (download here)
• Glitchmachine’s Hysteresis (download here)

Feel free to download my source above, along with those plugins, and have a crack at making your own cool sounds!

Hope you enjoy!